Unique and Memorable Ceremonies, Inclusive of all Faiths and Traditions Honoring all cultural and traditional specific personal requests
Reverend Ann Benedetto
Reverend Henry Odun Lebron
Welcome to our Interfaith Ministry; a ministry that is knowledgeable, sensitive to and serves people of diverse religions and cultural backgrounds.

Our fundamental belief is that there is one Universal Divine Essence and each culture and tradition has their unique way of integrating that Divine Essence into their daily lives.

We recognize that in today's world there is an immense need for Interfaith Clergy. We design and create unique and personalized ceremonies to honor your spiritual requests and needs. 

It has been our experience that as we serve individuals who are called to us, our ceremonies emanate energy that touches all who attend in a positive and inspirational way. 

This ministry is not about our beliefs.  It is about you and how we can best serve your requests and beliefs as well as express your personal, cultural and religious uniqueness with honor and style. 

We look forward to serving you, as well as your family and friends as we reflect the highest and best of you in your ceremony.

Let us make your celebration a unique, personalized and memorable occasion.

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